Design and development of web applications

Design and development of web applications, based on frameworks like Ruby on Rails, for:

  • content management and publishing (CMS);
  • data collection and processing;
  • personalized information distribution;
  • online collaborative environments;

with particular attention to usability issues (i.e. ease of use) and accessibility (i.e. availability on all devices and browsers, and usability by all).

Design and development of "mobile first" websites and of "progressive web applications" (that is, of web applications which behave like the native ones developed specifically for mobile devices and working even offline).

Deploy of web applications

  • Management of domain purchase and renewal, and of DNS zone configuration.
  • Management of SSL certificate (for secure information exchange between the web server and the web browser, in HTTPS).
  • Management of Docker containerization of web application (for an easy installation process on the server, useful even for possible migrations, and for a safe execution in an isolated environment).
  • Management of in-house and cloud servers (hardware setup as needed, operating system updates).
  • Management of automatic and periodic data backups.
  • Management of reliable email and SMS notification services.
  • Management of multiple environments for web application staging and testing.

Development of data analysis systems

  • Design and development of databases, even big ones (i.e. data warehouses), with PostgreSQL.
  • Design and development of automatic procedures for extraction, transformation and loading of data (ETL) from heterogeneous sources.
  • Design and development of user-friendly tools for reconciled data querying and visualization.

Development of automatic text analysis solutions

  • Configuration and application of our automatic text processing algorithm for specific contexts.